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Stepping Stones

Is a small group for young adults.  For an hour each week they gather to discuss current topics and biblical passages all while doing life together and supporting one another in their faith journey and the life events of adulting.


Cards and Conversation

Join others for fun game of cards or dominoes in the lounge area of the Fellowship Hall


Choir and Handbells

Raise a joyful noise with our choir and handbells! Please contact Elizabeth Nix, Director of Worship, enix@fumca.org


Homework and Hangout

For students 6th-12th grade, homework, basketball, and fellowship!


Whine and Dessert: A moment for moms

Feel free to take you dessert to the bistro area, fill up your coffee cup and enjoy a” moment” to refuel your spirit and refresh your mind while engaging in conversation and sharing hacks with other moms.

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Top 10 Bible Study with Rev. RL

"The Top 10" - Top 10 lists are everywhere - The 10 riches people in the U.S., 10 most eligible bachelors, top 10 party schools.  You name it or google it, there is a top 10 list for it.  There is also a top 10 list in the Bible, it's called the 10 commandments.  Usually we look at them as the top 10 "thou shalt nots", but what if we stated them in the positive?  How might these no statements become positives that bring joy to our life?  We will spend 10 weeks exploring how these ancient laws cam make modern life richer and more fulfilling.  This study will be based on the book The Ten Commandments from the Backside by J. Ellsworth Kalas.  (Available from www.cokesbury.com )

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N2Y: Never Too Young Kids Ministry

For kids Pre-K thru 5th grade, worship, crafts, games, and fun! 

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For kids Pre-K thru 5th grade, worship, crafts, games, and fun! 

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Friends Eating Dinner


Let us do the dishes. 

$6 per plate, max $20 per family

Eat dinner with your family and let us do the dishes! Stay and eat or pick up your food to go! 

After dinner, there are activities for every age group, check them out below!

Join us!